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Dear Alice, does anyone even remember this site? Sad Love, Joan


 General Rules

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Alice Cullen
Alice Cullen

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General Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules EmptyWed Jan 21, 2009 6:58 pm

The Site In General:

1. Just try to be nice to everyone.
2. If you aren't nice, then I'll suspend you from this site after several warnings.
3. No spamming. Like your posts need at least 3-5 words, and not just a smiley. (If I ever hear "Three word minmum again," I just might kill Alex and Shane. Or I'll start to cry. Or both.)
4. Smilies are nice, but don't let them talk for you. Use them to accentuate points.
5. Follow the rules.
6. OBEY the mods, and the admins. They are in charge. You aren't. You do not own this board. I do.
7. You have a problem with me or the rules, then leave. These rules are here for a purpose. They are to keep this site under control. Not to be abused and to be disagreed with.
8. Do not make repeat topics. It is un-needed.
9. Do not double post. Let others have a chance to voice their opinions. Also, there is an Edit button. Use it.
10. Please type literately, and not like a n00b.
11. Please stay ON TOPIC. If you have anything else to say, start a new thread...
12. No mutiny against me or Joan!
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General Rules
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