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 Once bitten...

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PostSubject: Once bitten...   Once bitten... EmptySun Jul 12, 2009 11:01 pm

"Mom... Is there any reason I need to come to this thing?" A young Luxia asked, walking towards a park with her parents. "Yes, honey! It's a wonderful way for you to learn about culture!" her mother said, which was almost a blatant lie. "Augh... fine..." "We're here!" Her father said. The park looked like a hippie paradise, that's how Luxia knew her parents would fit in, yet she would not. In the near distance, she saw a banner that said "WOODSTOCK" in large letters. She had understood the hippie message, but not the hippie way. Since she was there, however, she saw no harm in seeing some of the acts, right?

(hours later)

To Luxia's surprise, she was having a pretty good time. The people were nice and the music wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. Of course, after a few hours she lost track of her parents. "Excuse me, sorry!" A man dodged around Luxia while holding a bag of some sort. "HEY! GET BACK HERE!" Luxia turned around and saw a crowd of people rushing towards her. "HOLY SHI-" Her sentence was cut off by the crowd trampling her to near death. "Dio mio!" A lone man ran over to her and looked around to make sure the coast was clear. Then he opened his mouth ever so slightly and bit Luxia on the neck. 'I may catch hell for this, but I can't just let her die..!' he thought. He pulled himself away from Luxia, resisting all urges to go back and finish her off. After those desires faded, the man took Luxia to a house near the middle of nowhere.

(about 30 minutes later)

"I can't believe you. Do you know what you've just done?" An older gentleman yelled at the younger. "What did you expect me to do? Just leave her there to die?! Or would you have liked it if I ATE HER?!" The older man sighed. "Vicente..." Luxia moaned slightly, cutting the older man off. "Constantino? I believe the young girl is waking up." "PETER! ALBINA! DANIELA! GET IN HERE!" Three children, seemingly all in their teens, rushed into the room. "Something wrong?" "No, it's just that circumstances have forced me to accept a new member into our clan. Vicente? If you would?" "Fine... I went to that Woodstock thing today, this young woman got trampled by an angry mob, long story short; She's a vampire now." A boy who looked around 19 stepped up to look at the new member. "She looks like she got beaten up pretty badly. What happened again?" "I told you. Some guy stole a bag of something and there was a huge crowd chasing after him. I guess she accidentally got in the way and got stomped. It's a miracle she isn't dead." "Seriously."

Luxia groaned once more and shifted, awakening from her last sleep. "Oh my aching.... where the crap am I?" "Welcome to the Bianchi household. My name is Constantino, and these are my children. Vicente, Albina, Daniela, and Peter." Contantino said, motioning in turn to the respective name bearers. "Ok, that's great and everything, but why am I here?" "Well..." Constantino looked around to find someone to explain what happened. "Vicente?" "Fine, I've already said it once already." He told Luxia the story of her near death experience. Before he had a chance to get to the vampire part, Luxia cut him off. "Question." "Yes?" "If I got trampled by a huge crowd, then why aren't I in a hospital or something?" "Well... Do you believe in Vampires and creatures of that sort?" "Sort of, why?" "Well, because there was no chance of getting you to a hospital..." Vicente was stalling for time trying to think of something to say. "You're a vampire." One of the girls blurts out. "ALLY!" "What? You obviously weren't going to say it any time this century, so I might as well have!" The room was silent. "I'm.... a vampire?" "Yes. Sorry to break the news to you this way, but you are a vampire." "Huh...."

Luxia thought for a moment. "So... what does this mean?" "You can't sleep, eat human food, age, or die unless under certain circumstances." "Ok." This laid-back answer shocked the rest of the vampires. "You aren't scared by this? Not even a little?" Vicente asked. "Nope. Not really. It may hit me that my life is never going to be the same again in few days, but as of right now I'm pretty fine with it." "Oh, and one more thing. You will never be able to go back to your family again." "Meh, ok. Never had much of a thing for my parents." No further questions were asked, and the group sat in an awkward silence until one question was asked. "What do I do when I'm hungry or something?" "You won't be. Thirsty, yes, but not hungry. When that happens, we will provide you with animal blood." "Eh, should taste better than what my parents fed me. That stuff had no taste whatsoever... and when it did it was disgusting." Constantino was silent and shocked. Never before in his hundreds of years has he seen someone so calm when discovering that their life has been changed. "You are a peculiar one, aren't you?" "Yep! And I wouldn't have it any other way!"
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Once bitten...
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