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 PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger

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PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger Empty
PostSubject: PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger   PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 6:41 pm

A complete reposting of a VERY old fanfic of mine, which I'm quite proud off. Taken from my fanfiction.net profile. I'll post one chapter every day I'm on. This story is quite far ahead, and even has a sequel called PPGD: Order's Chaos(In progress... Chapter 18 currently, still writing Chapter 19)

It's based on PPGD (Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi), so please read that first, until the beginning of the forgotten saga. This is a continuation AFTER the Dexter Saga, because the Forgetten arc was not released until 4 years after the Dexter Saga.

PPGD Continuation: Last Heroes Standing

Chapter One: The Beginning

Important Notice: This is a continuation of the PPGD. You won't get most of it if you haven't read the PPGD (a comic by Bleedman/Vinz). Now... enjoy the story!

Author's note: This is my first fic, and it gets better as it goes along. The main focus will be on the relationships between the PPG and the RRB after the Dexter Saga. My first chapter is a really boring filler, so please continue reading after it, this doesn't really reflect how the rest of the story goes. I own none of the characters, except for some of the nameless characters and Blaster.

It was the end of school, and summer was around again: And the PPG were exhausted: The recent exams having been tough.

The girls were in a hurry to get home, and had taken to the sky:

“Come on girls, the quicker we get home, the more time we have to relax!” Blossom said enthusiastically.

“Can't we stop to get ice-cream on the way?” Bubbles asked excitedly.

“Of course!” Blossom replied, checking her purse for money.

“I don't think I'll come, I'm really tired...” Buttercup replied.

With that Buttercup changed for the direct route home...

“Why does Buttercup always have to go somewhere else?” Bubbles asked, with an expression of worry on her face.

“She has been acting a little strange after what happened between me and Dexter, but I think she just has a lot on her mind... she'll be fine” replied Blossom with a sweet smile.


Bubbles was still not sure, but she decided to concentrate less on Buttercup and more on the yummy ice-cream she was about to eat...

“Should we take some back for Buttercup and the professor?” Bubbles asked.

“Of course...”

In the girls' room

Buttercup shifted slowly around the room, closing all the windows and putting up the blinds. She locked the door, and then looked in her cupboard. She crawled to the back, to a secret panel. She slid it away, and emptied the contents of the little hidden box. Inside were the things she held dear, but was often too ashamed to keep them in public. Finally, she took out what she was looking for: A little key with the words: “Securis Ltd”. She put in her pocket in her shirt, and zipped it. She then unbolted the door and opened all the windows.

She attempted to slip out the back door in the kitchen without the proffesor noticing, but he was busy cooking dinner, and easily noticed:

“Buttercup, are you ok?”

“Yes, Professor” she replied sheepishly.

“Good, I don't want you leaving now okay? Dinner is almost ready!”

“Okay Professor...”

She returned to the room, and quickly sneaked back to the secret panel. She returned the key, and closed the panel again.

Just in time...

There was a knock on the front door: Blossom and Bubbles had returned.

The professor opened the door:

“Hello Professor! We're back!” Blossom laughed.

“What took you so long?” the professor asked.

“We took some ice-cream while we were coming here, we bought a box for you and Buttercup too!”

“Okay, but please don't eat dessert before dinner girls ok?”

“Okay Professor” replied the smiling Bubbles.

Buttercup noticed the other 2 had got up to something while she was here, but she didn't care. She'd have to try her business with the key again later.

The other 2 went up to the room again with Buttercup.

“What were you two doing while I was here?”



Blossom and Bubbles just came out of the ice-cream store.

“Bubbles, what flavour did you get?”

“My favourite: Vanilla, what about you?”

“Strawberry! I love strawberry!” Blossom joked!

Suddenly something caught their eye:

Dexter was walking down the street on the opposite side.

Blossom blushed, and Bubbles laughed at this, but they didn't alert Dexter, that would be rude wouldn't it?

But they noticed Dexter was carrying a bag, it looked heavy even from the distance.

Metal pieces were poking slightly out of the back. Dexter was walking fast, before he turned at a crossroads to another street. Blossom eyed him until he came out of view. Bubbles didn't disturb her, just finishing her ice-cream. Then Blossom snapped out of her little trance.

“Come on Blossom! We have to go...”

“... what? Oh... Ok!”

End flashback

“So really nothing strange happened, just Dexter was walking with some sort of bag!” Blossom said.

“Yeah... the only other thing that was strange was Blossom's face! It was bright red!” Bubbles joked.

“Hey!” Blossom shouted.

Blossom and Bubbles began to tickle each other excessively, and laughed.

Buttercup just sighed.
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PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 2   PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 6:55 pm

Chapter 2- Remembrance

The day was a Saturday, and the girls had nothing to do, since there never were events going on around at this time, and the usual villains didn't seem to appear early morning.

After breakfast, Blossom decided she needed to relieve some stress from school, which was over, and therefore she didn't need to concentrate on her work, and could relax.

“I have decided to go to the park, who wants to come with me?” Blossom announced.

“ME!” screamed a delighted Bubbles, who also felt like she needed the fresh air.

“What about you Buttercup?”

“I need to fix up my hair... I'll catch up later, ok?”

“All right...”

Blossom and Bubbles walked out the front door, and they walked a bit, before Blossom spoke again:

“Something is definitely not right Bubbles!” Blossom said.

“What do you mean?” Bubbles asked.

“Well, have you noticed the way Buttercup has been acting? She never wants to do her hair!”

“Well, Buttercup has probably got a lot on her mind. This year she tried to get good grades! Remember what the professor promised her if she got at least all Bs? A new I-pod! She wants a new one after her old broke... and she doesn't like to keep borrowing yours or mine!” Bubbles replied.

“I guess you are right...”

They got to the park, and it was incredibly quiet. There was nobody out on the grass, and the trees surrounding the green had nobody in either.

“It's still early in the morning, perhaps people haven't come yet!” said Blossom.

A small green flash flew between some trees.

“What was that?” said Bubbles, shocked at the sudden appearance of more flashes.

“Bubbles get ready, I don't like the look of this!” Blossom replied while drawing her fists.

Suddenly the flashes came out of the trees and onto the grass where Blossom and Bubbles were standing.

It was the Rowdyruff boys, bent once again on evil, and trying to defeat them: Only this time there was a good chance. Without Buttercup: It was a 3 on 2, very bad odds for the Powerpuff Girls!

“Why look who is here!” Brick said with a smirk...

“I think it's a bunch of puny girls!”Boomer replied with a smile.

Butch didn't say anything, he just kept looking at the 2 girls... perhaps disappointed with the lack of Buttercup, perhaps because he was just tired.

“Leave us alone jerks!” Bubbles screamed.

“If you want we'll give you a fight! Come on... umm... Bubbles!”

“Yeah! Let's kick some Rowdyruff Butt!”

At this Brick and Boomer laughed ecstatically. Butch remained silent, not saying anything, just staring more intently.

“We haven't come here to fight you! We came here to BEAT you!” Brick said, before launching his first punch.

Brick and Boomer and the 2 girls began to fight: Knocking grass up from the ground.

Butch remained standing, just staring at everything.

“Come on Butch! Get to bashing them! We might have a chance now!” said Brick while dodging a punch from Blossom.

“I don't like this fight, too cowardly, taking advantage of the situation, I can't be asked.”

Brick and Blossom continued battling with all their might, throwing all the blast, punches and kicks they could muster with their strength.

Boomer and Bubbles began the fight with a small struggle, Boomer throwing a few sets of punches, and Bubbles deflecting and making small jabs from time to time. But their fight slowed down gradually; Boomer threw less and less and till he came to a halt, and stepped away from Bubbles.

He then sat down, and lay down flat, looking at the clouds.

Bubbles was confused, and just stared, fists ready for another strike.

Blossom and Brick didn't even notice they stopped fighting, they were too busy bashing it out.

Butch sat down near Boomer: “Why did you stop fighting?”

“Simple Butch... I just figured that we are wasting our time with these girls: If you don't fight, we're just having the same battle over and over, we are evenly matched: Especially now since all our previous weaknesses were removed by Brisbane. Why do we even follow the idiot anyway? He asks us to fight for him, do errands, and what do we get back? A roof above our heads! Heck, we can get that from anybody else! We can make our own house! And plus: Why waste my time with Bubbles! She hasn't done anything wrong... she just gets in the way. So I've decided to stop fighting for now: I want to do something better, like just chill for once!” explained Boomer.

“I guess you are right... I only fight when Buttercup is around, without her, this fight is as good as boring,” Butch agreed.

Brick and Blossom fought for a few minutes longer, Butch, Boomer and Bubbles watching their every move like some kind of TV program.

Eventually, after marking the ground with an almost illogical set of lines, the two noticed something was up. Brick and Blossom came back on the ground, Brick staring at the 2 boys, and Blossom just looking at the scene confused.

“What's the matter with you two? Get to fighting!”

“Can't be asked” the two replied in unison.

Blossom asked Bubbles to join her in defeating Brick.

“Why, isn't he your problem?” she said, with a kind of laughing tone in her voice.

Brick grabbed the two boys and dragged them a few metres away from the girls.

“What are you two doing? I don't need this right now! We have the advantage, we should defeat them while we have the chance!”

“Why?” Butch asked, mocking Brick.

“Look, just get other it, this is getting dull” Boomer replied.

“Why are you doing this to me Butch? I can understand Boomer being an idiot but...”

“Watch your mouth!” Boomer said threateningly.

“Or what? Baby gonna cry?” Brick insulted.

Blossom had no similar luck with inspiring Bubbles to fight.

“Come on Bubbles! I need all the help I can get!”

“What's the point fighting if Boomer isn't: The Rowdyruff boys are right for a change: We should just leave it.”

“But Bubbles!” Blossom whimpered.

Bubbles sat still.

Suddenly, Boomer raised his fists and struck Brick hard on the chin. Brick recoiled, before coming back and slapping Boomer. Butch screamed: “Cut it out!” but to no avail: Boomer and Brick grabbed hold of each other and threw themselves on the floor, rolling in the mud attempting to strangle each other. Butch decided to leave it, and not waste his breath.

Blossom and Bubbles were again surprised at the Rowdyruff's behaviour: They were fighting amongst themselves, almost as if they had forgotten about them, and just were attending to their own business.

“I'm leaving” Bubbles decided.

“I agree, this is too weird...” Blossom said, following Bubbles out of the park.

Meanwhile in Brisbane's Lab...

“Weasel, send the girl in!” Brisbane said to a microphone on his desk, pressing a button to unlock the entrance to his office.

Buttercup appeared in the entrance, and flew to a seat in front of Brisbane's desk.

“Do you remember our deal?”

“Yeah... yeah! I get you the supplies, you do your techy stuff, and I get you the bouncy suit!”

“It's a Bouncer suit!”


“Do you have the supplies?”

“I have them in a self-storage safehouse, because I couldn't exactly hide it at home: Here is the key!” she said, throwing the key with the Securis Ltd logo engraved on it to Brisbane.

“Excellent, I should be done in about 2 weeks. I shall meet you back here, and you must bring the Bouncer suit!”

“Agreed!” Buttercup replied, twiddling her thumbs, before getting up and leaving.

With Buttercup having gone out, Brisbane laughed... how foolish was this girl? Surely she saw the imminent danger? But it was a good thing she didn't, he needed the Professor's prototype Bouncer Suit, if he was to continue his research on ultimate power.

This girl would have been a great pawn for his war, if she didn't fight for the forces of good.

“Remember these days well Buttercup, they shall be some of the last you will enjoy!”
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PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 3   PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 7:03 pm

Chapter 3 – Invisible Truth

Blossom and Bubbles were walking away from the strange incident in the park, when Buttercup met them strolling.

“Hey, I thought you were going to the park?” Buttercup asked, shocked.

“Change of plans... the Rowdyruffs showed up!” Blossom said.

“I didn't mind, but Blossom and Brick had this really big fight!” Bubbles replied.

“What about Butch and Boomer?” asked Buttercup with a smile.

“Boomer didn't really want to fight, and Butch kind of was disappointed you didn't show up!” Bubbles replied, thinking back to how funny it was that Boomer just stopped. What was up with those boys, she thought.

“Really?” Buttercup said with an even more twisted smile: “He must hate me a lot!”

Blossom had been thinking about this, and she didn't seem to pleased.

“Those boys are up to something, they aren't acting normal!” said Blossom while walking down the street.

“What makes you think that?” asked Bubbles.

“Well, for starters, Boomer didn't fight you. The Rowdyruffs have always been about destruction and fighting, why he didn't try to beat you I don't understand. Butch obviously didn't fight because there was no Buttercup, although I was surprised he didn't help Brick. Butch loves to fight excessively, he wouldn't turn down an opportunity like that would he? I think Brick is the only one who has acted anything near normal, but I noticed when he fought, he seemed to be using more strategy and less physical force than I'm used to fighting him with: I've noticed he has been getting more dangerous maneuvers and hitting me with them more often!”

“Well, maybe their just being more sensible, except for Brick?” Bubbles blurted.

Blossom and Buttercup stopped walking and stared at their sister as if she had just committed a blasphemous act towards some sort of Powerpuff religion.

“Okay... maybe not!” added Bubbles, starting to walk again.

Back at the park

Boomer and Brick eventually stopped their punch-up, having got extremely tired of beating each other senselessly. They both sat down next to Butch, panting heavily.

“You guys done yet?” laughed Butch, still sitting down.

“This is not funny!” Boomer exclaimed, before taking out a piece of chewing gum, and then starting to chew on it. Boomer drifted off in his head.

“What is wrong with you two? This is not a game! We need to defeat those self-proclaimed heroines before they defeat us! We had a chance to do some damage! If we don't beat them as a team, all of our work has gone to waste!”

“Our work, or YOUR work!”Butch said with a sigh.

“Come on brother, you know better to question me like that!” Brick said.

“Really! Because maybe I don't want to fight the Powerpuff Girls any more!” Butch said, standing up, and tensing his muscles to make a threat.

“I second that!” Boomer said, following Butch's example.

Brick stared at them, not believing his eyes...

“So you've let them win have you! You pussys! What kind of guys are you... you're going to let your laziness give them the advantage and have victory once again!” Brick said with disgust...

“Fine... continue to be a girl-basher, I'm out!” Butch said, flying away towards Megaville.

“Sorry Brick, I was just tired. I won't let you down. Butch seems to just be having a rough time recently, he'll be back!” Boomer said, trying to comfort his brother.

“Boomer, I'm not an idiot, you don't want to do this either, do you?”

“Well, to be perfectly truthful, I've never really liked it: I just wanted to impress you guys and the villain we worked with. Be cool... but really, I'd rather go home and read a book” Boomer said.

Brick looked down, putting his head in his hands. He closed his eyes, disappointed with his brothers.

“Brick, if there...”

“Go away!”

“Brick, it'll all be bet...”


“Brick, just because I like books doesn...”

“GO AWAY NOW!” Brick screamed, throwing a beam at Boomer, sending him flying for a few metres.

“Jerk!” Boomer said, before flying to Megaville, but in a different direction to Butch.

Brick's heart was speeding. He could not stomach the fact that this was all real...

“My grand plans, that thought of revenge, the face of Blossom as I tear her little fleshy geek into little bits! All of that is gone! I'm ruined... unless...”

Brick began scheming. He had to find a way to bring back his boys to fighting the Powerpuff girls. He had to finish what he started... no matter what the cost!


The girls walked in to the library. Blossom immediately headed for the shelves, and Bubbles also had a glance around. Buttercup sat on one of the waiting tables. She put her feet on the table as a foot rest.

“No usage of the tables as footrests!” said a fat black woman, who seemed to be supervising the library. She had the standard library name tag: Janina Veronica, and wore a black set of clothing, and a strange set of purple reading glasses.

“Library Rule number 23!” she added, pointing to a poster on the wall with the title: “The 99 Library rules”.

“Fine! Geez, do you know every rule of by heart!” Buttercup backtalked sarcastically.

“No talking in the library! Rule Number 1!” the librarian replied, glaring, before shouting: “SILENCE!” to a group of boys just entering the library.

“Grrrh!” Buttercup roared, doing as she asked. She then took a packet of gum, and removing a piece from it, placing it into her mouth.

“NO EATING IN THE LIBRARY! Rule Number 67!” the fat lady said, standing up with a mean glare in Buttercup's eyes.

This struck Buttercup's last nerve. Buttercup opened her arms out, charging energy in her hands.

Luckily, Bubbles noticed what was going on, and quickly came to Buttercup and stopped her.

“Maybe you should go outside?” Bubbles told Buttercup. Buttercup agreed, thinking about how you could have 99 rules in a library, and waited outside the front door, chewing her gum steadily.

Bubbles then took her books to check out: She had got “Wind Call” by Sally Fisherman. It was about a girl who followed an imaginary figure that only she could see into a magical realm.

Blossom was still looking for the exact book she wanted when she noticed a familiar figure looking at books in the Romance section...


The green figure turned. Butch looked in horror as Blossom caught him taking a book from the shelf. Butch blushed, and Blossom just let her jaw hang: The boys were definitely up to something!

“Well... I have to scoot! Goodbye!” Butch said, before dashing towards the doors and disappearing.

“HEY MISTER, YOU DIDN'T CHECK IT OUT!” the Librarian screamed after him.

“Don't worry miss, I'll get the book back for you!”

“Thank you Blossom, a girl who knows how to behave in the library!” the Librarian said with a smile. She rarely took a liking to people: A few to mention included Blossom, Dexter and Professor Utonium.

Buttercup was still waiting outside before a green flash passed out of the library entrance and headed towards the city. Bubbles noticed it too. Blossom hurried out of the library, carefully not running to try and not break Rule 7 (No running in the library.)

“We have to catch him! Butch stole a book!” exclaimed Blossom, as soon as she had stepped out.

“Oh my... Butch? Seriously...” Buttercup burst into a fit of giggles... not sure which was more funny: That somebody stole a book, or that Butch had gone into the library.

“Let's get him before he gets away!” Blossom commanded.

“Lets go!” Bubbles agreed.

The girls flew up, following the green streak. Butch had the advantage though, after a couple of turns, he had hidden somewhere, and the girls had lost his trail.

“We lost him.” Blossom said with a defeated sigh.

“We'll find him!” Bubbles said, patting Blossom.

“Butch stole a library book!” Buttercup repeated with a laugh. That would be something she would torment him with next time she fought him.

Blossom looked at Buttercup, and fixed her pink eyes on Buttercup, who stopped laughing, and stared back.

“Blossom, what's the matter?”

“Butch... in the library? SOMETHING IS DEFINETLY NOT RIGHT! I want you to help me figure out what is up. Butch was looking in the Romance section. I want you to...”

“I don't like the evil look in your face.” Buttercup said. Bubbles giggled vigorously at this. This what an unusual situation which she had never seen before, and therefore had no idea how to react. All she knew was Blossom had formulated a plan, and it sounded like a devious one.

“Okay... here is what you do. I will write a love poem to Butch...”

“YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!” Buttercup screamed.

“I'm going to send it with flowers and put it under your name...”

“YOU MAY BE MY SISTER BUT YOU HAVE JUST CROSSED A LINE!” protested Buttercup, repelling the thought of making out with an enemy.

“You are going to meet him in the park, and you're going to try to find out how he REALLY feels!”

Buttercup hit Blossom in the chest really hard. If it wasn't for the fact Blossom was laughing inside, it would have hurt a lot. Bubbles silenced her laughter, but kept on smiling at Buttercup.

“I won't do it!” Buttercup said.

“Come on, we all know you've like Butch all along!” Blossom said, teasing.

“No I don't!” Buttercup said, recoiling at the thought of what would happen if she did meet Butch.

“I know... only teasing you. Come on, how much teasing could you get if he told you!”

Teasing... Dignity... Teasing... Dignity...

Buttercup liked both ideas equally, but she recognized that as long as she could say it was all a set-up, she wouldn't lose any dignity.

“Fine... I'll do it!” said Buttercup with an evil smile.

“Good to hear sis!” replied Blossom.

“Buttercup and Butch! Mwha! Mwha!” Bubbles said, making kissing faces.

“Don't push your luck Bubbles!” Buttercup replied.
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PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 4   PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 7:07 pm

Chapter 4 – Preparation

The next day after the library event with Butch, Blossom and the girls had gone to Dexter's place, to see if they could prepare the plan. Dexter had been planning to do some work with Blossom on the Young Minds Megaville Science Fair: New competition had recently arrived, and Dexter would have to be on his toes if he was to win.

As soon as Blossom came in, she noticed the large sprawling plans on Dexter's desk: It was his science-fair project. It had Project Prometheus VR written in bold at the top. It then had a large amount of calculations and sketches of components sprawling all over the page.

Bubbles had made her self at home in the kitchen, and was helping with making cookies; something she had always loved doing since a small child.

Buttercup just switched on the television, muttering: “Damn Geeks” when she noticed the modified TV box. She watched the wrestling, because nothing else she liked was on.

“What is that?” Blossom asked Dexter, pointing to the desk. She examined several parts, and could understand some of the functions and what certain pieces were for, but some were beyond her recognition; like the Geo-Proximal Transverse Ballistic Missile Alerter.

“It is a robot built to disarm nuclear warheads, auto-hack computers, and deal in fire-fights on the war front. It is built to react to any kind of weapon. It is a peace-making robot, with inbuilt US Army protocols and also has a remote controlling device. The judges wanted to get something helpful in the future, they have it now!” Dexter said, laughing at the expression on Blossom's face.

“Well... need any help?” Blossom asked with a smile, knowing that she would probably be of little help.

“Okay... if you want you can do the spray-painting on the arm and leg pieces: The body piece isn't constructed yet. I want it to look presentable to the judges, but I am not good at art.”

“Sure...” Blossom said, before picking up some spray-paints, and thinking about the colors to choose. Then she remembered what she needed to do today.

“Dexter, I'm trying to capture Butch, the Rowdyruffs are back, but surprisingly they haven't got down to much destroying yet.”

“Well... this is serious: My robot can wait... so, what is the plan?” Dexter asked.

Blossom told Dexter the entire plan. They were focusing on Butch especially, since he had been acting the most abnormally. Seeing as Buttercup would be the most plausible pawn to trick Butch, the plan was fool-proof. Blossom had written the letter already, and she read it aloud to Dexter to ask for improvements:

Oh wonder with green eyes

My love for you may be a surprise

But I hope we forget our past

So we can be together at last

I long for you to see

That I want you to hold me

So if your love for me returns

Meet me at the Subway Gardens.

Today at sunset.

It's about time we met!

Buttercup Utonium

x x x

“What do you think?” Blossom asked.

“This is not the sort of thing Buttercup would write. I suggest you add a post-script to increase the realism.”

“What sort of post-script?”

“How about: PS: It took ages to write this, and I know you don't like poems, me neither, but hope you like it!”

“That's good Dexter!”

Blossom added the post-script, content with Dexter's sly addendum. Then, she took an envelope which she had brought from home, and sealed it. She wrote “Butch...”

“What is the Rowdyruff's surname?” asked Blossom, not even sure, she never asked.

“Well, I'd say Mojo Jojo was their original father, and he was the pet of Proffesor Utonium. But they obviously wouldn't associate themselves with him, so maybe Jojo. But remember, they obviously have a new creator: Seeing as they have come a third time. Their switching between creators would mean that they'd have different surnames. But I guess to generalize it'd be sensible to use Rowdyruff as a surname.”

Blossom added Rowdyruff. She then sealed the envelope.

“The cookies have been made!” shouted Dexter's mom from downstairs.

“And they are delicious!” said a hungry Bubbles.

“Coming mother...” Dexter said.

Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Dexter had sat down in the dining room and were soon stuffing themselves with homemade cookies.

“Okay Buttercup, we have to make you more presentable. As soon as we eat these cookies, we're going to the mall. I have brought some of my pocket money, and you don't have to pay; but...”

“You're going to dress me in something stupid aren't you?” Buttercup said.

“Yep... but you have to turn up to your date looking nice!” Blossom stated.

“Grrr... fine!” said a furious Buttercup.

“It'll be fun Buttercup, maybe he'll even give you a kiss! Mwha! Mwha!” Bubbles said.

“BUBBLES!” Buttercup shouted.

“Calm down Buttercup” Dexter said, not even changing his expression, but still eating cookies.

When they had finished, the girls stepped outside. Blossom gave Dexter a light kiss, and then hurried with her sisters to the mall.

The first shop they tried was the vintage store. That had nothing good in it, everything was the usual half-price junk. There was a hat that Bubbles liked, but Buttercup said it looked like a sick-bowl.

The next shop they tried was better: The Teen Trendz store. They found the perfect outfit.

“Hey Buttercup, I think this would look good!” Bubbles said, pointing to a short dark green skirt with sown in light green flowers, with small yellow centres. There was also a matching top: Completely green, but with a bit cut down from the top.

“Good eye Bubbles! Butch will love this!” said Blossom gesturing at Buttercup to try it on.

“I don't like it” said Buttercup bluntly.

“Relax... this is great, and it is just within budget. Try it on!” Blossom said, pointing to the fitting rooms.

Buttercup quickly changed: It was perfect size. She came out, letting the other 2 inspect her.

“PERFECT!” screamed a happy Bubbles.

“Okay, change back, and we'll buy it!”

Buttercup changed back, and then took it to the till. The saleslady was surprised: Since Buttercup was famous and known to prefer more casual combat outfits, she couldn't help but grin.

Buttercup glared back, but didn't say anything, just payed the money, and walked home with Bubbles with the clothes in her bag.

Blossom however began to scour the city for Butch. If he didn't turn up today, then all this would be wasted. They could wait for tommorow, but there was no better time than now. She circled Megaville once, but couldn't find him.

“Where would a bunch of Rowdyruff boys hang out when they aren't fighting?”

Blossom checked out the areas in town that appealed to boys: The arcade, the fair, she even looked at the port, where a lot of minor teen gangs operated. She still didn't find him.

“Come on Blossom, where could he be?”

She flew around a bit more, before she saw him, by himself, sitting on top of a skyscraper. She used her super vision: And saw he was reading a book: The one he had taken from the library. Its title was “Top 10 things to say to a girl”. Blossom approached slowly, but as soon she came within a few metres, Butch looked up from his book, and dropped it, his hands charging energy.

“Butch, I'm not here to fight!” Blossom said.

Butch put down his hands, stopping the energy flow.

“What do you want?” Butch asked, settling down again, and sat down, hiding the book behind him.

Blossom pretended she didn't know what the book was about, she just took out the letter.

“I found this on the street, and it was addressed to you. I know you're a villain and all, but I think even you deserve to have your mail.”

“Really?” Butch said. Blossom grit her teeth. He wasn't buying it. “Who is it from?”

“I don't know... umm... I just found it outside our house on the road.”

“Okay... pass it.” said an impatient Butch. She held it out. He snatched it from her, and sat down with it.

“You can go now.” Butch said, in a way that Blossom knew meant “Get lost.”

“Okay...” Blossom said, flying back slowly, hoping he bought it.

She looked back: He was reading the letter. She went a bit further, but then stopped: She wanted to see how he reacted.

She used her super vision.

Butch was reading casually. Suddenly, his expression changed from a little bored, to one of shock/surprise. His green eyes, rapidly scanned the letter again. He then shook the envelope and the letter, to see if there was some trick involved.

Then, he put down the letter, and picked up the book, quicly flicking through. He stopped at a page, and began reading again. After that, he looked at the letter, then the book, and then the letter. He kept cycling, as if trying to form an appropriate course of action.

Blossom then decided to leave at this point. If Butch saw her spying on him, he would know she had known about the letter all along. Then he wouldn't buy it.

Blossom came back to the house, and rung the doorbell. Bubbles opened it with a smile.

“How did it go?” Bubbles asked.

“I'm not sure if he bought it: He was certainly surprised.” said Blossom with an expression of concern.

“Okay, come in and look at Buttercup, she is beautiful!” replied Bubbles.

Blossom came in, and looked at Buttercup: She was sitting at the dining table wearing the outfit. She also had some make up on: Not too much so that it was obvious, but a bit to make her gleam. She didn't like it so much, but she knew Bubbles' make-up expertise would probably make the plan work better.

Dexter was also in, mainly because he wanted to spend time with Blossom, but also out of curiosity of how the plan was working. Blossom was happy to see him.

“Hey Dexter!” Blossom said.

“Hey.” Dexter replied, looking at his watch to check the time.

Then Blossom came up to him and sat down next to him on the table.

Bubbles went up to the room, exhausted after all the time she spent making sure Buttercup looked perfect.

Blossom and Dexter had a chat, it was supposed to be to pass the time till just before sunset, but it went on for one or two hours.

Buttercup just sat there thinking.

Does he like me? If not, who does he like?

What has happened to Butch? He has changed so much.

What will I do if he does like me? How long will I have to pretend to like him?

It was half-an-hour till sunset. Blossom stopped talking with Dexter, and went over the plan with Buttercup.

“Remember Buttercup, be yourself, but pretend to like him. We need you to pretend for at least a week if he does like you. If he pulls a move, go with it. Remember if you like him, you wouldn't exactly go “Eeeew!” when he kisses you.”

“Wait so he will kiss me?” Buttercup said with shock.

“No, but he might. Just don't blow it, and try to have as much fun as possible with it!”

“Okay... what was the meeting point again?”

“Subway Gardens, the nice road with a scenic view, the second most romantic place in Megaville.”

“What is the first?” Dexter asked.

“The beach, but that's not a good place at night.” Blossom said.

“I want you to take me to the beach.” Dexter replied.

Blossom kissed him for that remark, before turning back to Buttercup.

“Okay, now go, and remember: Look Sexy!” said Blossom, smirking at the last part.

“Yeah, yeah!” replied Buttercup.

Buttercup flew to Subway Gardens. It was a nice place. On both sides was Central Park, and the road was practically deserted. There were trees on both sides, and lovely flowers growing from the railings seperating the park and the street.

Buttercup waited for Butch's arrival. She started tapping her feet on the ground, making some kind of crude, monotonous yet rhythmic music. She starting dancing as well, enjoying the simplicity of a good dance.

Suddenly, a green streak came from the other end of the street. She could see Butch on the other side. She used her super vision to see what he was wearing, and then she opened her mouth to gasp.

Butch wasn't wearing his usual shabby clothing: He had a black tuxedo, with a rose in the fornt pocket. He had a white shirt underneath, with a white tie with dark-green stripes. His shoes were nicely polished, and his black trousers were also clean. Buttercup had to admit he looked elegant and surprisingly hot in that outfit: Maybe it'll be easier to compliment him.

Butch slowly walked towards Buttercup, and she walked towards him.

They eventually reached each other in the middle of the street, and stopped. Butch hesitated a little, and she bit her lip, awaiting what he had to say.
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Haha, that made me rofl! ^_^ Good job!
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Yeah... it starts off horribly, because I was still trying to get to grips with the authoring thing, but it gets really good afterwards.

Chapter 5 – Meeting

Butch shuffled about a bit with his legs, thinking about what he was going to say. He wasn't too sure how to begin.

“Nice dress.” Butch noted.

Then Buttercup realized she hadn't read the letter: What if he quoted from it?

“Hey Butch, can I have back my letter?” Buttercup said.

“Sure... although I know you didn't write it.” Butch replied, the same thinking expression still present on his face.

Way to go Blossom, you had to make it sound so geeky.

Buttercup knew that part of the plan was blown, but maybe he thought that she had got Blossom to write it, and then added the little post-script at the end. She would have to go with that. Besides, Butch still hadn't said anything, so she couldn't plan just yet.

Butch finally spoke up. He was obviously quite nervous, because his usual jittery, hyper, shabby self was replaced with this calm, smartly-dressed but silent boy.

“Well... do you really like me?” he asked.

Buttercup wanted to say no, but she had to stick to the plan: As much she hated saying this, she replied: “Yes.”

“Really?” Butch asked again, replying with a more inquisitive tone in his voice.

“YES! Butch, come here!” Buttercup said.

Butch walked right up to her, they were only half a metre apart, and began to speak again.

“So why do you like me?” Butch asked.

Oh Shit! :Buttercup thought. She hadn't thought of a reason she would like him: because in fact she didn't. She would have to say the first thing that came to her head. It would be obvious if she didn't say something fast Butch would know she was lying all along.

“I really like your eyes!” she blurted, not really sure if she liked anything else.

At this, Butch stepped closer, his wide green eyes looking directly into Buttercup's.

“Really?” he said again, before his grin became a small laugh. Buttercup couldn't help laughing either, he was acting so strange, it was almost funny.

But then, Butch put back on his serious face.

“Well, I think you know I was just stalling for time. I really do like you, you are a great girl to be around and also an awesome fighter. I am really honored to have been your previous arch-rival, but the truth is... I don't really like you in that way, more as a friend. Are we even?”

Buttercup was relieved at those words. He didn't like her, so he wasn't going to pull anything. But now she had to concentrate on the plan itself.

“Why? Do you already have a girlfriend?” she said, putting on an unhappy face. She was a little sad that Butch didn't like her. She thought it might have been quite cool if a boy did, but she had never revealed that, she wanted Tough-girl to be the only thing people saw her as.

“Actually, no... I don't really want a relationship right now.” Butch replied.

“So, are you saving yourself for a girl, or are you single forever.”

“Maybe not forever, but right now, I don't really want to.”

“But maybe you might later?” she replied. This was good! He was buying it!

“Maybe...” he said.

Buttercup wasn't really getting much information. Finally it came to her: The book!

“Why did you steal that library book?” she asked. Butch was definitely hiding something.

“Umm... well... Boomer told me he thought somebody had a crush on me, and I didn't really know what I would say if I found out who, so I read this book. Practically most of what I have said tonight has come from this book. I know it might sound silly, especially since I hate books, but I was actually kind of worried it might be you.”

Buttercup sparked inside. How dare that fool insult her indirectly. She didn't like him, and he shouldn't have the satisfaction of thinking a girl likes him. How dare he push her aside!

Control yourself Buttercup, you don't want to fight Butch here, the dress cost a lot of Blossom's money!

“Okay, well I guess I'll be seeing you then!” Buttercup said, lifting her hand for a little wave.

“See you Buttercup!” replied Butch, before walking away in the opposite direction.

Buttercup returned to the house, where dinner was being served.

“How did it go?” Bubbles asked. “Did he like the dress?” she added.

“Yeah he liked it, but he doesn't really like me.” Buttercup said, not sure if she pleased or upset.

“Oh... poor Buttercup, maybe you want some chocolate?” Bubbles replied.

“No, I don't really like him Bubbles, remember?” said Buttercup, annoyed.

“Sure you don't!” Bubbles said. Buttercup raised her hand to slap her, but Blossom caught her hand.

“Buttercup, go get changed back. You don't want to get stains on your dress.”

“Fine...” Buttercup said. She wasn't bothered, but she knew Blossom would feel awful if her dress was ruined. It was kind of like a gift on her part.

Bubbles and Blossom finished eating quickly: They wanted to know how the plan went.

“Buttercup, what did you find out?” Blossom asked.

“Not much. Apparently, he doesn't like anybody, and he wants me as a friend. Wait until our next fight! He'll be all: Why are you hurting me? I thought we were friends now!” Buttercup said with a laugh, putting on a bad impression of Butch.

“What about the book? Did you get it off him?” Blossom asked.

“No, he seems to want to keep hold of it, because it gives him advice?”
“Buttercup, he obviously does like someone, why would he keep hold of that book?”

“Because Boomer told him that he thought someone liked him, and Butch used that to be ready. He said he expected it was me! I'm going to ring his neck, that little weasel!” Buttercup replied, getting her hands and strangling an imaginary Butch.

“Okay then. The plan officially failed. Sorry about putting that horrible dress on you, maybe we should burn it?” Blossom said.

“What, leader girl don't like the dress because it reminds her of failure. I don't know about you, but I'd like to wear this dress!” Buttercup said, crossing her arms, and also giggling at Blossom's reaction, which was having her jaw drop and arms shake. Blossom hated failure, and anything that reminded her of it would often have been destroyed, burned, or ripped in an “accident”.

In the Brisbane Lab

“How's the progress going with the boys?” Brisbane asked Weasel.

“Unfortunately not so good. Brick left a message that the Rowdyruffs have split up, and no longer work for us. We believe they are undergoing major stress. Our top scientists believe we should cater more to their teenage needs.” Weasel replied.

“Who gives a fuck about their needs, they are tools, nothing else.” Brisbane replied.

“They may be tools but they are still children. If this governmental research of yours is going to work Brisbane, you need to give them a more homely room, and give them treats, et cetera!”

“No, I won't bother with them anymore. I'll just use the back ups. They were believed to have a greater potential than the originals anyway. And when we use them, this research will accelerate more than we might have ever imagined.”

“What about the girl, Buttercup?” Weasel asked.

“We are still creating her request: It may take very long till we perfect it, but she has promised one great reward in return.”

“What kind of reward could a teenage girl give?” Weasel asked. He laughed at one idea that popped into his head.

“She promised us her father's Bouncer suit, and you are dismissed.” Brisbane said.

Weasel left the room, and proceeded with beginning of setting up the “back-ups”.

“You foolish little pawn Weasel! The Order shall triumph once again! The back-ups will easily take the Rowdyruffs apart, and then defeat the Powerpuff girls before they can even do their show-off routine! This is too easy. We cannot be stopped.”

Suddenly, a little girl with white eyes and white hair came into Brisbane's office. She had a small plushy which was talking nonsense to hear in a cute way.

“The Order wishes to speak with you Brisbane: I shall accompany you!” Bell said, her voice tinny but sweet.

“My dear child, I shall come with you, but first, let me prepare. Wait for me outside the door.”

“Yes sir, oh Girly, do you need a bath?” she said, before going outside with the plushy.

“Right, now where the hell did I put that gun.” Brisbane said searching through some shelves. He wasn't taking any risks with the Order.

Industrial Centre

Brick was making himself comfortable in an abandoned pillow factory. He had made a large bed and was settling down to sleep. He was ruined. His brothers have left him. His plan wasn't even made, he had tried twice, but Butch rejected him. Boomer was nicer though, and sensing his brother's pain, had returned to him, and helped with preparing.

“Goodnight Brick” Boomer said, shutting his eyes.

“Goodnight Boomer.” Brick replied, yawning.

Suddenly, a noise of glass breaking had come from above. Butch appeared, with his tuxedo, and came down to where his brothers were.

“You have some guts if you plan on sticking around!” Brick said, not even looking at his brother.

“Holy cow! What are you wearing!” Boomer said, shocked at Butch's change of appearance.

“Brick, I'm sorry. I was a little angry. You know me! I want to come back too. I miss kicking Powerpuff butt with you!” Butch said, grinning at the last part.

Brick immediately forgave him. He missed his brother as much as he hated to admit it.

“Butch, what the hell are you wearing!” Brick realized, his red eyes examining Butch's unusual attire.

“Well, I kind of got a tuxedo, because Buttercup asked me out.”

“Nice going!” Boomer said, giving his brother a pat on the back. “What did you do?”

“Well, I don't really like her... so I said no.” Butch said.

“Dude... you idiot! You should have gone out with her!” Brick said.

“Why? I just said I don't like her.”Butch replied.

“Do you know what you could do? You can learn every detail about the girls. We can find out their plans! We can discover their weaknesses, and their strengths. Bruv... you might even get laid!” Brick said with glee. This was perfect revenge!

“Uhhh... no thanks!” Butch said, almost puking at the thought of sleeping in the puff bed.

“Tomorrow, you are going to tell her you reconsidered, and will go out with her!” Brick said.

“Come on Butch, you've always said you wanted action!” Boomer said.

“Yes... but with Buttercup, are you joking?”

“No we're serious!” Brick and Boomer said in unison. They then burst out laughing, and gave a high-five to each other.

“Okay... but you owe me MAJOR!” Butch said.

So I'm going out with Buttercup, and just when I thought I couldn't get to a bigger low.

The boys were soon able to get to sleep: They couldn't wait for tomorrow. Their first ever truce with the Powerpuff girls. They wondered how it would turn out.

Butch wondered what stage he would get to with Buttercup.
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Chapter 6 – Impress or Fail

The next day, Buttercup woke up, and got out of bed. It was a Tuesday ( Author's note: Believe me, I checked through the previous chapters, and according to it, today is a Tuesday. XD). The professor had already gone down to his lab to work. Buttercup was about to get changed when she noticed out of the window some familiar grins. Buttercup woke up her sisters.

“Buttercup, relax! We don't have to get to school!”

“Look out of the window” Buttercup said.

Blossom and Bubbles looked out of the window. The Rowdyruff boys were there, laughing between themselves. Boomer even started waving at the girls. Blossom immediately shut the blinds.

“Ignore them Buttercup, they're just psychologically trying to destroy us. Same old Rowdyruff boys.” Blossom said, sighing.

“But you don't understand, Butch gestured at me!”

“What did he do?” Blossom asked?

“He pointed at me, and then the chat sign, and then pointed at himself.”

“He wants a chat? But I thought you already did the whole embarrassing rejection thing?”

“I know! Maybe he needs a slap? But not when I'm in PJs!” Buttercup said, hitting her fist against her other hand.

“Okay, get changed quick then!” Blossom said. She poked head in front of the blind, and mouthed to the ruffs: “We'll beat you up in a second!”

Brick laughed, obviously aware of what Blossom had just said. Boomer and Butch couldn't lip read, and were confused at Brick's reaction.

When everyone had changed, the girls stepped outside.

“Maybe they'll go easy on us after what Buttercup did?” Bubbles said in optimism.

“Just in case, give it your full!” Blossom said.

“I need to give Butch some beating!”

The girls began to charge energy, but then Brick screamed: “Stop!”

The girls stopped, confused.

Brick flew forward. Boomer and Butch followed.

“We came because... umm... we would like to have a peace treaty?” Brick said.

“Yeah... since Butch and Buttercup got...” Boomer was interrupted by Butch punching his stomach.

“Shut up; you idiot Boomer!” Butch said as quietly as possible so that Boomer would hear it but nobody else.

“What?” Blossom said, unable to believe what she thought Brick had said.

“Umm...” Bubbles said, not really sure what to say.

Buttercup just stared at the ruffs. Had she just made peace?

“And Butch has something to say to you Buttercup, in private. Let us leave them too.”

“Yeah Buttercup, I need to speak to you...” Butch said, twiddling his thumbs, extremely nervous.

“FINE...” Buttercup said, reluctant to go.

Buttercup and Butch flew down the road a little, while the other 4 Rowdyruffs and Powerpuffs stayed, and chatted.

“So, you continue to do this shit?” Buttercup said glaring at Butch.

“Well... I mean... umm... okay! There was nothing on how to do this in the book, so I'll have to say the first thing that comes to my head...”

“Look Butch, you are an idiot for using that book, nothing good can come out of book on girls, some loner must have wrote it.” Buttercup said as if she was mocking him but feeling sympathy at the same time.

“Well, it seemed perfectly alright when I rejected you with it!” Butch replied furiously.

“Well, what if I told you I never liked you in the first place?” Buttercup said.

“What if I told you I want you?” Butch blurted. Suddenly, he felt really embarrassed at what he had just said, but in an attempt to hide it, tried to dash away. Buttercup however had got hold of him.

“What did you just say?” she said, her round green eyes piercing Butch's mind.

Butch looked back into them. He wasn't good with emotions, and so many ran through him at that moment. Love... hate... jealousy... anxiety... tiredness... fear... courage... it was all coming to him. Buttercup was probably the girl he had come into contact the most with, so obviously she had a great effect on him, but Butch was afraid of what she could do.

“Umm... I'm sorry that I rejected you only that is what it said in the book because I was afraid of what my brothers would think and all along I actually liked you...!” Butch rapidly spoke, taking a large breath at the end.

“Say that again?” Buttercup said, not really capturing everything.

“I want to be your boyfriend.” Butch said, before tightly hugging Buttercup.

Buttercup was definitely confused. What was Butch doing? He sounded so serious yesterday. Must have been the book. Now he was himself, she was surprised he liked her so much. The plan would work well... if she could pretend she liked him. What did she like about him. His nice feel, his funny personality, his nice smile...

“Butch, you can stop hugging me now.” Buttercup said, not really sure if she could stay in one position with Butch for too long.

“Sorry!” he said, still longing for this bizarre moment to be over.

I don't really like her, and trying to make myself like her feels weird, yet nice... Come on Buttercup, do something!

Butch waited eagerly for her answer.

“Well, I don't know” she said. “I gave you a chance, but you ruined it for me. You were just selfish, you really don't care about me, this is all a game for you isn't it... and yet... I like that.” Buttercup said, chipping the last bit in, remembering she had to stick to the plan.

“No, it's not a game but... wait... what?” Butch replied. “Did she say yes or no?” He thought to himself.

Buttercup's intuition stepped in. She knew exactly what Butch was thinking: She could easily end this awkwardness and seal it, all under the cover to trick Butch into thinking she liked him. All it required was a little bit of girl-power. Buttercup smirked at the thought of that word.

Buttercup came as close as she could to Butch. Butch's body, almost like instinct wanted to resist and run, but Butch's soul was transfixed in fear.

“Will this answer your question Butch?” she said, before taking his head, closing her eyes, and pressing her lips against his mouth: Something she had never envisioned doing.

Butch's mind flew off at this point. He got mixed feelings from all these strange new emotions. He couldn't think straight.

What is she doing? I can't see! What is that Cherry taste in my mouth... oh. I think I like this...

Wait... It's Buttercup! Who knew she was a great kisser... err... I feel weird now. Haven't done this before... shit Butch, get a grip, the plan is working!

Buttercup took her mouth away from Butch's and just smiled at him. Butch tried to smile back, but he was too occupied in train of thought.

So, what do I like better, the plan working, or Buttercup?

Definitely Buttercup...

Butch didn't need Buttercup to say anything. The answer was a yes...

Meanwhile... the other four had been discussing.

“So, you boys just randomly decide to be friends now?” Blossom said, skeptical of Brick's willingness to have a truce.

“Oh come on Blossom, maybe they finally realised they couldn't beat us!” Bubbles replied, laughing at Brick's expression.

“I don't care who wins to be honest... in the end... a truce would be better.” Brick said.

“Brick, you have become a new man. You finally understand!” Boomer said.

“Yeah... we kind of agreed that there is no point fighting you anymore. Villainy seemed cool when we were younger, but all that ever happened was that we were used. First Mojo, than Him, and then Brisbane.”

“Brisbane?” Blossom asked.

“Yes, Doctor Brisbane, our latest creator. We don't know much about him, he is apparently working on a secret governmental project with us. Shame on him! We ditched him...” Boomer said, thinking back to their creator's strange behaviour when they had been remade completely with their memories.

“Well... at least you have gone good now!” Bubbles said with a cheerful tone.

“Yes... I think I'll like it better that way!” Boomer said, smiling back at Bubbles.

“Oh... the science fair is on today! Dexter invited me to come. Anyone else want to come with?” Blossom said, not really expecting anyone to want to.

However Brick wanted to: “I'd love to go get some more brain cells, even though I've already got more than you!” he said with laugh.

Boomer stared at the direction of Butch and Buttercup, who were still down the road. Bubbles was the first to notice him being silent, and she looked towards what he was looking at.

“Oh...” Bubbles said, passively gripping Blossom without realising it.

“Bubbles get off, the science fair is near and... woah!” Blossom said, catching sight of the pair.

“Get in there Butch!” Brick said under his breath. The plan was working well, and their lies had payed off well, well his. He wasn't sure if Boomer had actually gone good, or if he was also pretending. It was obvious he was just being loyal, and didn't care which side he belonged to.

Butch and Buttercup's kiss had actually gone on for a short while, but time seemed to have slowed at that point. When the pair had finished, they just smiled, and then agreed to go back to the other 4.

They didn't realise that they had seen them at it.

Butch and Buttercup avoided getting down to telling them what happened. Another awkward moment. Blossom knew immediately what they were thinking. It was obvious in their green eyes.

“We know you two... you don't have to hide it.” Blossom said. She was concentrating more on the thought that she had to get ready to meet her boyfriend in a few minutes.

“I'm so happy for you two!” Bubbles said, hugging Buttercup. Buttercup tried to pull her away, but Bubbles had very strong hugs.

“Butch, good choice...” Boomer said, smiling at him.

Blossom and Brick departed towards Dexter's house. Saying quick goodbyes they started to fly away. Blossom told Bubbles to remind the professor where she was going, just in case he got worried.

A while after, Professor Utonium, oblivious to the entire drama beforehand, opened the front door. He popped his head out, and noticing the Rowdyruffs, first felt like ducking for cover. But, noticing that the boys weren't doing anything, just told the girls: “Breakfast is ready! Where is Blossom?”

“Blossom has gone to the fair, remember? Can we have some visitors over please?” Bubbles asked, putting her cutest face she could possibly make.

“Okay... but aren't they the Rowdyruff Boys?” the professor asked, confused.

“We have gone good now.” Boomer said to clear up with the professor.

“Very well, come in!” The professor said.

The Order's HQ

Brisbane entered the main hall with Bell. He was taken to the circular table which everyone sat at. Bell sat in her seat, but didn't really concentrate, instead playing with Gir. Brisbane sat in his place, examining the others.

“Attention Human! The Order has discovered your failure to hold the Rowdyruff boys. Nevertheless, we believe you have a Plan B?” the Grand Governor said. The Grand Governor was actually one of Dr X's most advanced machines he had ever created, and was replacing him in his seat. Dr X was busy with another project in the middle east, and he had to fly.

“Actually, I am thinking of deploying our latest creation. You see weasel was stupid enough to make a back-up copy of the boys, and not realise by combining the genetics, we could make a single being superior to ALL the Rowdyruff boys. It works on the same principal as Bell was made, but instead, this is far more unstable. You know how the Rowdyruffs originally blew up? Now, I have finally fixed that problem. I give you... BLASTER!”

Brisbane punched a button and waited a few minutes. The other members realised that they'd have to wait a bit.

“Where is he... come on! I don't want to take over in a decade's time, where is this thing!” Zim said.

“Patience you foolish Irken!” Brisbane said, glaring through his glasses at the diminutive creature.

Suddenly, a door on the other side of the room to Brisbane opened. Even Bell looked at it, for it opened with an unfamiliar squeak. Nobody used ever used that door.

A figure, about the same size as Bell appeared. In fact, he was colored the same, his hair and eyes sparkling white. In fact, they almost looked like family. However this one was male, and held a small Uzi in his hands. Some blood stained his hands.

“Blaster Reporting! Excuse my late arrival, I had to take care of... business.” said a gruff voice. It was the white figure's.

Bell was shocked. He looks just like me, except he is a boy!

“Blaster... I have a small task for you. Bell... I want you to train your brother. As you can see he may already be quite gifted, but genetics can't teach you how to kill!” Brisbane said with a little smug expression on his face. He could tell everyone was impressed, even the little runt Zim.

Bell got up, stroking Gir. She went over to Blaster.

“Come with me Brother, we shall begin, you know why you are here?”

“Brisbane has taught me I am a tool, and I shall fulfil my purpose, to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, and the Rowdyruff Boys with them.”

“Okay...” Geez, this boy was born without a life, I'll teach him more than how to kill. :Bell thought.

Bell and Blaster exited the room, heading to the VR section.

“So, what do you think?” Brisbane said.

“Excellent, soon all shall bow to me!” Zim exclaimed with glee.

“I say... this country is terrific, bring me my celebratory weapon!” said a new Order member with a white turban and coat, with long beard. Another small man, with purple robe and matching turban gave the man a golden AK-47, with which the white-coated man shot a couple of times into the roof.

“Nice...” said another black-coated man with briefcase, sipping a cup with lemonade. He opened the briefcase, retrieving a small notepad, and beginning to write something in it.

Other members nodded in agreement. A large commotion of appraisal was heard within the hall. Brisbane heard what he needed to hear.

“This has turned out better than I expected !” thought Brisbane as he exited the room. He walked down the hallway. He trod over the dead gaurds, which Blaster had obviously killed, possibly mistaking them for police.

Brisbane passed the VR room, and stopped to observe Blaster.

Blaster was doing well: He had quickly got to grips with combinations, and Bell was struggling to dodge, although with experience, she eventually flung him down, and told him where he had gone wrong.

He will eventually meet my expectations.

Brisbane exited the Order complex, and headed back for his labs, quickly hopping into his Aston Martin Vanquish, and driving off.
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After this, the chapters get too long to put onto this site, so please click the link to get to the next chapter:

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PPGD: Last Hero Standing by Tomaszavenger
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