A Monster Of The Grisliest Kind

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Dear Alice, does anyone even remember this site? Sad Love, Joan

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 A "Normal" Day at Forks High

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Joan Taylor

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PostSubject: Re: A "Normal" Day at Forks High   Sat May 16, 2009 5:33 pm

At lunch, Victor had saved Joan a seat next to Jessica, who was feeding Mike some of her grapes. She sat down and pecked Victor on the cheek with a big smile, saying, "Hey, baby."

He returned the smile and handed her half his meatball sub when Tyler and Eric came running into the cafeteria and nearly crashed into the table. Tyler was holding some papers in his hand as Eric managed to stutter out, "There's... a music festival... in Seattle this weekend... And Tyler's mom... got us all... tickets!"

The entire table was in shock as Joan said, "No way."

"Way," was Eric's response as he and Tyler grinned.

Everyone cheered loudly, eagerly taking their ticket and paper work from Tyler. Joan commented as she looked over the date in an amazed voice, "It's the weekend before graduation."

Tyler shrugged, "My mom said it's her graduation present to-" He wasn't able to finish his sentence because Joan had tackled him in a giant hug. He returned it in somewhat shock, seeing as how they've always been at each other's throat throughout their entire friendship.

Joan pulled away and said honestly, "This is the nicest thing you could ever do for me... I don't even know how to repay you!"

Tyler grinned cheekily, saying, "Maybe, one night at my house, we can get to know each other better?"

Everyone at the table began to chuckle nervously, wondering if he was seriously asking for a beating or if he was joking. Joan grinned in return, "Maybe for some... sexual healing?" She sang the last part jokingly and everyone laughed even more.
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Alice Cullen

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PostSubject: Re: A "Normal" Day at Forks High   Sat May 16, 2009 5:47 pm

"So," Edward tried keeping the conversation light. "How are you, Alice?"

"I'm fine," Alice replied sheepishly, "How's your face? I didn't hit you too hard, I trust?"

"Not at all, it doesn't hurt," he smiled. "It was my fault, I'm sorry."

"Me too," she grinned. "Still friends?"

"The best."

"Awesome," Alice responded, thinking to herself.

"You know there's nothing you can do to keep her here," Edward whispered. "Nothing except abduction, which is illegal, Miss Cullen."

She sighed. "You're right, I'll just have to accept that she's leaving and move on with my existence."
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Joan Taylor

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PostSubject: Re: A "Normal" Day at Forks High   Tue May 19, 2009 4:53 pm

-----------------Graduation Day-------------------

"I don't get why they make you guys wear yellow. It's such an... off color. Like, I'd expect graduation robes to be blue or black, or god forbid pink. But yellow?" Jessica was complaining to Joan as she was helping her best friend pick out what to wear to graduation.

But Joan knew that inside Jessica was trying to distract herself from what was actually going on: her best friend who's she known for almost ten years was graduating and moving to the opposite end of the country to go to college.

'Everyone's thinking that,' Joan told herself as she tried on the dark blue fringe dress and cringed in the mirror, 'Not my style. But Victor's been over here and hanging out more. I mean, we had the music festival which was awesome but everyone's making plans for the summer and wants to hang out every day and when they can't, they text me constantly.'

Joan sighed as she slipped on a red, vintage Rolling Stones and smiled in the mirror, 'We're trying to dress up, dear. Although I could say that classic rock IS a classic form of formal dressing...' She laughed a bit, which made Jessica peak her head out of the closet and ask, "What?"

Joan gave a pose and asked seriously, "What do you think?"

Jessica broke into a huge grin, saying, "I dig the shirt but not the lacy panties combo."

Joan took the shirt off and threw it at Jessica, who giggled and dove back into the closet. Joan rolled her eyes as she pulled on the pink floral printed mini dress next and thought, 'I really am going to miss Forks, aren't I?'

--------------Graduation Ceremony------------

Graduation went by in a blur. The principal stood and gave his farewell speech, the valedictorian, Reggie Fischer who used to splatter paint with her in Art class both freshman and sophomore year, gave a big celebratory speech that foretold of where the class would be going and what they were capable of. Every student's heart swelled in excitement when it was time to hand out the diplomas.

But Joan was nervous. 'Am I ready to go up there and take that diploma? Yes, of course. Am I ready to take the consequences of getting it? HELL no,' she thought anxiously as the roll was called and people clapped for their sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, friends.

'Forks, Washington is where my dad took me when we ran away from my mother after the divorce. It's where we set up a fortress of solitude in the cloud covered skies and the rain covered forests. It's where I met Mike and Jessica, two of my closest friends who betrayed me for popularity but welcomed me back when I was ready to join them.

'Forks brought me Tyler, who's an arrogant asshole that I enjoy fighting with but such a big sweetheart underneath it all, thinking of others. Lauren, greatest bitch known to me but still is very personal with me. Eric, greatest math partner EVER! Man, that kid is super smart! And Angela, sweet and caring Angela... Every high school girl has a good friend like Angela. The sweet one who's soft spoken, smart, and totally gets it. Jacob, who I never see unless I go down to surf on the reservation. He's a funny, easy-going guy who knows how to ride. And a great mechanic.

'Forks also brought me the Cullens, a super polished vampire clan. Like the ones you read in fantasy novels come to life. Alice, the hyper pixie vampire. Shopaholic and totally makeover-centered girly-girl. But that doesn't make her stupid; it makes her strong-willed and fiery-spirited. Edward, the bad boy gentleman guy... Definitely better off as a friend.

'Forks gave me Victor. Victor, my current boyfriend. Honest, loving, caring, warm, friendly, wicked humor, eccentric music taste... I feel like I've said this all before? No matter the case, I think we're capable of a long distance relationship. Vic's willing to try and so am I.'

"Joan Taylor, Washington College. English literature major."

Joan took in a deep breath as she walked towards the stage. She greeted the principal with a warm smile and a firm handshake. She took the diploma from Mr. Banner, who gave her a big grin. She walked across stage, waving her diploma in the air. The audience erupted into loud cheers.

Joan chuckled as she glanced out to see all her friends and her father standing up, cheering. She had never felt so happy, so proud than right in the moment as she joined her fellow classmates.

'And just because this adventure in Forks is over doesn't mean another one won't happen over in Chestertown,' she thought positively.

The principal announced, "And here they are, one last time. Forks High School's Class of 2009!" There was more cheering as everyone got on their feet. Many had tears in their eyes as they were screaming.

Joan tossed up her hat and hollered in excitement, 'Watch out Washington College! Here I come!'
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PostSubject: Re: A "Normal" Day at Forks High   

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A "Normal" Day at Forks High
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