A Monster Of The Grisliest Kind

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Dear Alice, does anyone even remember this site? Sad Love, Joan

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 Alice's Soundtrack

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Alice Cullen

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PostSubject: Alice's Soundtrack   Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:55 pm

As Long As You Love Me- Backstreet Boys: This song reminds me so much of Jasper, he loves me even though I don't have much of a past. He'd love me no matter what.

Shoes-Kelly: I love shopping, especially for shoes! I love shoes, even more so if they're high heels.

Tay Zonday: HAHAHAHA I JUST RICK ROLL'D YOU!! xD And I feel that way about Jasper. Never gonna give him up...

The Doom Song- Gir: I was singing that while Jasper and I were about to get killed by the Council. Even though it annoyed Jasper, he started singing along with me. XD Mostly because my emotions made him. ;P

Ice,Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice: Sometimes it freaking rocks to be a vampire! Enough said.

Gay Boyfriend-The Hazzards: Is it bad that sometimes I wish Jasper was like that? Or at least more into shopping.

Sexyback- Justin Timberlake Totally Jasper's song. ;D AND TO ALL YOU FANGIRLS, HE'S MINE!! >:[ But it is a nice vid.

That's So Raven Theme Song Sometimes it's annoying to see the future, and this song is so me! -dances along-
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Alice's Soundtrack
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